Booking conversations and demos with healthcare clients shouldn’t be difficult.

We help you open doors, find forecastable revenue, and close deals!

Your Day is a Juggle

What happens if you can’t set meaningful conversations with healthcare decision makers and influencers?
No deals. No revenue. No business.

There's a better way.

A beautiful merge of sales and marketing to combat an unpredictable and crazy healthcare market.

How does it work?

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DIVI Does A Deep Dive Into Your Company and Healthcare Niche

If it's a Fit...

Set Up Exploratory Meeting

DIVI Presents Findings

Asks You Questions
If Continued Interest In Working Together
DIVI Builds Custom Proposal
You Sign Up
DIVI Opens Doors + Sets Meetings with Your Healthcare Clients

The Divi Way

Let's Ride!

Leverage our rolodex of healthcare contacts

Our crew of healthcare advisors are business development pros, hospital and health system executives, and health plan professionals.

DIVI leverages relationships to get you meaningful conversations.

Outsourced cold calling

Creative phone outreach to get you meetings.
Our team of healthcare industry outbound call specialists find you meetings and revenue opportunities!
It’s not a numbers game. It’s a creative game. We are creative.
Email campaigns that convert to meetings
Not the same old tired emails.
Researched. Thoughtful. Timely.

Relevant emails get meetings. We work hard to craft messages that result in meetings with healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Content and Authority Marketing

You know your healthcare niche and can provide valuable information for your clients.

We help you identify and build content that converts to meetings.

Use content to grab client’s attention, engage, and set meetings so you can sell your healthcare technology.

Converting Website

Our website hooligans guide you to build the best healthcare technology digital presence possible.
Better traffic. Client Interaction. More meetings.
Websites are easy if you know the secret sauce. Let’s spice it up!

Social Media That Converts

Promoting to healthcare clients via social media is complicated.
Forget about it!
We build solid campaigns that convert to meetings.

Healthcare Software Focus and Experience

Artificial Intelligence
Wearable Device
Durable Medical Equipment
Population Health
Service Line Improvement
Patient Safety
Natural Language Processing
Revenue Cycle Management
Patient Portals
Data Interoperability
CMS Compliance