3 Email Tactics: Get More Healthcare Client Meetings

With email being one of the best ways to communicate with prospective healthcare clients, you are competing with dozens of vendors for attention. 

The email NOISE is deafening and it’s near impossible to stand out.  Here are three ideas to help get your client’s attention. 

  1. STOP USING SO MANY WORDS! Get to the point.  Your email should be no more than 5 sentences. Don’t waste your email space with greetings like “Hope you are having a great day!”  or “Happy Friday!”  or “I hope all is well”.

Prospects are super busy and don’t pay attention to niceties.  Too many words equal deleted emails. 

We are a texting, short attention span culture.  Less, but meaningful words, get attention.

  1. SPACE OUT SENTENCES! Make your email easy to read.  Prospects will not read paragraphs. 

Do not have more than two sentences without moving to another line. Be sure that you double space between sentences. 

Spacing out sentences makes the email so much easier to read. 

  1. ASK A QUESTION! If you do not ask questions, you will not get answers. Simple but true. 

What do you want to know from your prospects?  Are they interested in learning more about your healthcare technology, right? 

Well, if you don’t ask, you won’t know.  A simple: “Can we set up a demo?” or “Are you interested in learning more?” will work just fine.  Not having a question will drastically reduce your response rate.

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