Targeted Outreach: Best Healthcare Titles to Call

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Board Members

Many clients of ours want to go straight to the top.  While this might seem to make sense, Most of the time this is WRONG!  The C-Suite contacts are completely booked, have too much going on, and rely on their staff to evaluate great healthcare technology solutions.

Potential users and their direct leadership are the best people within healthcare to call on. 

Examples of healthcare contacts that own or can influence decision making:

VP/Director: Finance, Oncology, Cardiology, Patient Safety, Business Development, Operations etc.

Manager:  Patient Engagement, Clinical Operations, Infection Prevention, Patient Navigation, etc.

The titles will vary per healthcare organization.

You would be surprised at how much influence a user of your healthcare technology solutions has over the purchase decision. 

Building Your Contact List

Once you have identified a couple of contact titles, there are many ways to find their information.  

Online Resources: 

Healthcare Organization Website – yes, as simple as this sounds, go to the prospective health system or plan website and do a search for the title of the contact.  Many times, the search will reveal the contact’s name and related contact information. 

Google Search – doing a Google search with the contact title and the hospital name can be a great resource.

Associations – searching healthcare industry association websites will reveal many contacts.

Paid Search – there are services like Definitive Healthcare and American Hospital Directory

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